Portfolio review and due diligence

Due diligence in our terms means us carrying out an independent review of aspects of a loan or mortgage portfolio, generally as defined by our client, although we can help identify key areas of review by consultation, if required.

Vendor or purchaser reviews commonly include:

  • Data integrity checks
    (to assess accuracy of historic or current data)
  • Revaluations
    (to assess asset worth)
  • Funding line renewals
    (for funders on their clients, to ensure compliance with agreements)
  • Data cleansing
    (to ensure DPA compliance)
  • Re-underwriting
    (to ensure lenders comply with criteria and against regulatory permissions)
  • Arrears collection processes
    (to measure against regulatory guides or rules)
  • Portfolio risks identification
    (to highlight specific areas of focus/concern)
  • Funding line provision
    (for funders of new lender entrants – all product lines)
  • Title checks and verifications
    (to assess whether good and accurate title is held)
  • Post-completion checks
    (to ensure processes and record keeping is appropriate)
  • NPL and loss mitigation
    (to measure suppliers in the chain are behaving appropriately)
  • Pre-securitisation checks
    (as a fail-safe for funders and asset sellers)

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